Allstar announce wx

Hi all im trying to get my node to announce the weather or at least the current temperature with a * command in fact i want it to be part of the current time… im in the uk so we cannot work on a zip code / post code i believe…? i have read i can use local airport code in my case would be manchester EGCC

any help please on the script to enable this…

i also have a wunderground account on my own weather station if this can be used…?

thanks sean

ASL rpt.conf status,2 provides time of day, which can be reported to the node.

As for temperature, one needs a data source. The following website may be useful


As @Bob_Pyke mentioned, you must first locate a source for the information.

I would look for more than one as past that point, you likely must parse the data to extract only the temperature number you want and put in a localplay audio command.

I would do this many years ago but our NWS would keep changing the pages or locations and made parsing the data a forever task, so, I used a weather station module and did pretty much the same until it went bad and thought it was to much work for the minor benefit of just knowing the temp since all of my cars/trucks and houses all have the data at a glance. And most of the repeater users as well.

The one item I find useful is a high wind alert in a forecast time frame since once it is on you there is no need to tell anyone. But the issues were the same so I quit.
Perhaps you can have better results in the UK.
Finding the ‘stable’ source is the first step.
It’s worth mentioning that you may have a text forecast available and or in a warning table and asterisk has a simple text to speech that can read it (sounds a bit cheezy) or you might utilize google text to speech in asterisk with a AGI script.

Choices choices…

…one other lead to follow as I don’t know much about it and if it would serve the UK but google AUTOSKYWARN for a peek.

I find it all a mere novelty anymore but don’t let that stop you from learning more about how all this stuff works by putting something together.

ok thanks all for the input i will have a look at what can be done…