Allmon3 v1.2.0 Released

Allmon3 v1.2.0 has been released to GitHub . Allmon is the standard web-based monitoring and management for the AllStarLink application. Allmon3 is the next generation of the venerable Allmon2 that is rewritten for performance, scalability, and responsiveness

Installation and configuration may be found in the . Version 1.2.0 maintains 100% configuration compatibility with the 1.1.x and 1.0.x release series.

During installation, if changes to custom.css have not been merged in during the dpkg installation process, please consult /usr/share/doc/allmon3/custom.css for the greatly-increasing number of UI customizations available.

Changes and Fixes for v1.2.0

  • Fix missing await in ws_voter keepalive which leads to crash of Voter display (fix #191)
  • Fix reloading user database when called in USR1 handler (fix #192)
  • Only enable Apache2 modules in postinst when apache2 is installed (fix #195)
  • Re-add missing python3-websockets dependency in debian/control (fix #196)
  • Fix default CSS custom variables to match core code (fix #197)
  • Fix and enforce correct mode and owner on password-containing files (fix #201)
  • Fix allmon3-passwd from overwriting elements out of order in users (fix #204)
  • Clear"Login Failure" message on next success (fix #205)
  • custom.css supports customizing the Node Transmit Line (fix #208)

Now using v1.2.0 on our hubs and very impressed.

A little thing I miss from Supermon is a count of the number of nodes connected. Just a trivial request that could be displayed at a later time.

Simon, VK3XEM.

Any enhancement requests may be requested through GitHub - Sign in to GitHub ยท GitHub

Thank you I did not know where to place the request. I have done so now.

Simon, VK3XEM.