Allmon3 v0.11.5 Beta Released

The latest beta for Allmon3 is now available. This is an additional test release following 0.11.3 after some late-breaking issues were revealed through testing. Testing is needed and encouraged! Installation directions are found on GitHub .

Allmon3 v0.11.5 is a minor update from 0.11.3. Note that 0.11.4 was not released. Version 0.11.5 contains one security-related fix and all testers are urged to update immediately. The release is available here: Allmon3 v0.11.5 Release

Changes since 0.11.3:

  • SECURITY: Users not in the users table can inappropriately be auto-logged-in
  • Don’t fail node(s) that are unreachable on startup (#160)
  • Pages with the same page#anchor now reload in the menu (#163)
  • Better close of asyncio Tasks in the signal handler (#158)
  • Attempt to clarify web client errors for different websocket problems (#155)
  • Add customziation for CONENCTING client lines in main.css/custom.css (#148)
  • Commands starting with ‘voter’ are only show on the voter page (#153)
  • Commands starting with ‘voter’ are suppressed on the main page (#153)
  • Removed links from the node header on the voter display (#153)
  • Nodes multinode= leaking in non-displayed node data (#156)