Allmon3 v0.11.0 Beta Released

The latest beta for Allmon3 is now available. The code is becoming quite stable and suitable for a wide audience. I expect v1.0 to be released sometime after ARRL Field Day.

Allmon3 v0.11.0 is a major update from v0.10.

The release can be accessed here:

What’s New in v0.11.0

  • Complete installation by apt/dpkg into a basic working Allmon3
  • Fix incompatibility of Apache2-related configuration with stock Debian apache2 package configuration
  • Implementation of per-node commands in web.ini
  • IP binding is now configurable
  • menu.ini ordering is now preserved in the web interface
  • Fix compatibility in asyncio with Python 3.7 for Debian 10 support
  • Cleanup of JavaScript code
  • Handle additional network-related error conditions for AMI connections

Compatibility from v0.10

All configuration from v0.10 should be forward-compatible with v0.11 with the exception of
the apache2 configuration. Apache configuration is no longer optional and located in /etc/allmon3/apache.conf. The configuration is now installed and enabled by default at /etc/apache2/sites-available/allmon3.conf. Advanced website configurations will likely want to comment out the configuration directives in allmon3.conf and place them into the correct VirtualHost stanza.

Install from Source

With v0.11.0, make install is no longer supported for general-purpose use. The Makefiles are written and optimized for creation of .deb packages for deployment.


Thanks to WD6AWP and DS5QDR for bug reports from the beta test

just a little typo on the status when nothing connected…
“No Conenctions - Repeat Only”


Good catch. I fixed it.

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How exactly does the voter get linked from the main page? I put voter=y and votertitle=xxx variables in the config file… the only way I see to get to the voter is to manually open voter.html. The variables do not create a link to this page.

Also some notes on the voter, the colors do not seem to change correctly… all of my sites stay blue even when one is being voted.

You need to setup a link in menu.ini to any voters you have. The most common use case will be not to have a voter so there is no link to voters created directly.

That sounds like a bug. So far only one person is testing voting. If you can provide any sort of debugging using allmon3-voter-client , please open an issue in GitHub.