Allmon3 v0.10.2 Beta Released

The latest beta for Allmon3 is now available. The code is becoming quite stable and suitable for a wider audience. I expect v1.0 to be released sometime after ARRL Field Day.

Allmon3 v0.10.2 is a minor update to address bugs and other issues found in the 0.10.0 and 0.10.1 releases. The updates are:

  • Support per-node command templates (see web.ini)
  • Retain order of menu.ini submenus in the HTML dropdown
  • Add the command modals to the voter display page
  • Implement binding IP configuration directive (see web.ini)
  • allmon3_server objects now listen on all IPs by default
  • Fix apache.conf RewriteRule for v0.10
  • Expose in-browser websocket errors to the UI
  • Fix string formatting error for remote transmission status
  • Fix dependency issues in allmon3.service systemd service

Thanks to WD6AWP, KF0FCY, and DS5QDR for bug reports from the beta test

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