Allmon3 v0.10.0 Beta Released

As announced previously, a new beta of Allmon3 was coming and is now here. This is a major rewrite of Allmon3 from the 0.9 Beta releases. Based on user feedback and testing:

  • Allmon3 is now a single daemon that handles all connections for servers and clients
  • All PHP code has been removed
  • Required configuration for Apache has been simplified; ease-of-support for Nginx users
  • Debian 10/Raspian 10 is now semi-supported

It is strongly suggested to install using allmon3_0.10.0-3_all.deb attached to the release and not the source/make process. Please note that configuration has been significantly altered between 0.9 and 0.10. It is suggested to move all existing configuration out of /etc/allmon3, install the new package with its stock configuration, and then re-add site-specific information to allmon3.ini, menu.ini, and web.ini.

See for installation instructions. Problems with the beta should be reported as GitHub Issues within the project area. Items discussed in the community forum here is not a bug report. The issues reporting system will gather information which is necessary to address issues.

I will also update the Beta FAQ post.

Release Beta 0.10.1 has been released. This is a very minor release that addresses two small items:

  • Create a keepalive cycle for AMI connections to prevent firewall timeouts
  • Fix .deb packaging issues that prevented installation of /etc/allmon3/users and /usr/allmon3/web.ini in certain cases