Allmon3 Beta Feedback - Status

Based on the feedback so far with the Allmon3, I’m working on some fairly substantive changes to the back-end parts of the web service:

  • Removing all of the PHP portion of the system and using only Python. This will reduce confusion and conflict with legacy PHP configurations and/or other PHP applications on the same host.

  • The three parallelized asl-statmon,-votermon, and -cmdlink are being merged into one larger daemon and will replaced the 0MQ message bus with a set of websockets. This should reduce confusion on how to manage the services with systemd.

If you haven’t installed Almon3 v0.9.7 as the beta, hold off because v0.10.0 beta will be coming in a few days or a week at most and will have substantive changes to lots of parts of the application.