Allmon3 Beta FAQ

I wanted to take a moment to address some frequently asked questions in some of the other threads and in other media and will answer them here.

What platforms does Allmon3 run on?
Allmon3’s support status:

  • Debian 11 (Raspberry Pi OS 11) - Fully supported when bullseye-backports is enabled with python3-websockets v10 or greater installed.
  • Debian 10 (Raspberry Pi OS 10 / Raspbian 10) - Fully supported except (as of 2023-04-24) for the voter manager subsystem.Support for the voter is pending a reliable way to enable a modern-enough version of python3-websockets.
  • Debian 9 - Not supported. Debian 9’s software is too old to support Allmon3. Use Allmon2.
  • Debian 12 - Fully supported upon release.

Will Allmon3 support X Feature?
Allmon3 plans to support all reasonable features and functions supported by the Asterisk platform in regards to AllStarLink/app_rpt. Requests for enhancements can be opened on GitHub. All requests for enhancements will be filtered and prioritized according to the project goals as listed in the file.

It should be noted that Allmon3 will not expand to support systems administration tasks to manage the underlying operating system. For security of systems, focus on ASL-specific features, and to effectively use developer time, ASL system operators desiring web-based remote administration should consider using Cockpit. Future releases of Allmon3 may include linking to/integration with Cockpit.

Can I contribute to Allmon3 Development?
YES! Allmon3 is being developed completely in the open on GitHub and is licensed under the GNU AGPLv3 to encourage open source and code sharing within the amateur radio community. Notably those with skills in Python and JavaScript are needed. PHP will be phased out of Allmon3, possibly as quickly Beta 0.10.

If you aren’t a developer but are good at writing, we’d love to have a few volunteers to create and maintain good and comprehensive documentation.

Should I use Allmon3 Now?
While the developers desire as much feedback as possible, this is beta-quality software and things will be broken. Certain features may not work properly on all platforms and configurations. Upgrades between versions of beta releases will be messy. If you’re able to work through issues and provide feedback, we’d love to have you join the beta. If you’re expecting “turn-key” success, the beta is probably not yet for you.

How can I get help with the beta?
Support requests and problem reports for the beta itself is best done using GitHub issues so that responses and bugs can be properly tracked. Alternatively this community can be used, especially when seeking assistance with underlying Linux issues.