Allmon2 proxy (manger proxy)

Has anyone attempted to use a proxy to lessen the bandwidth/load on the asterisk server?

I notice every user of allmon creates a duplicate connection to asterisk. When a number of users are using allmon the bandwidth seems to be quite noticeable. So far I haven’t seen any detrimental effects on asterisk but I imagine it isn’t too efficient.

I did a quick test using the octopasty proxy. It didn’t work, I surmise because there are some unique attributes in app_rpt that it couldn’t handle.


I could be wrong but I don’t think app_rpt is doing anything non standard with the AMI. Maybe something on the Allmon side is the issue? I’m the author of Allmon and would be happy to dig into this and fix it if necessary. But I’m not sure where to start as I never messed with any of the proxy managers. Any thoughts on how to proceed?