Allmon2 on a Cloud Node

I have my ASL node in the cloud it’s all up and running but I can not get Allmon to connect to my node on the node page of allmon I get the message “Could not login to Asterisk Manager.”

my node all mon page can be viewed at

any help will be welcomed


On your node edit /etc/asterisk/manager.conf

comment the bindaddr line, like so
;bindaddr =

Also add a permit line below the deny line, like so


where xx.xx.xx.xx is the IP of the server where Allmon is running. Then restart Asterisk

thanks for your reply

Allmon in on the same server as my node.

made the edit and still the same

Sorry, thought your server and node were separate. In that case you should put the bindaddr back and you don’t need the allow.

Did you set the manager.conf and allmon.ini.php userid and passwords to match?

once again thanks for getting back to me

here is a side-by-side screencap of manager.conf and allmon.ini.php

How about use for the host. No port. Not needed when default 5038.

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with local host I get "Feb 23 19:56:02] NOTICE[23910]: manager.c:1034 authenticate: failed to authenticate as ‘admin’
== Connect attempt from ‘’ unable to authenticate

Perhaps you need to allow the port 5038 in the firewall.

Try a simple password, letters and numbers only. Some symbols cause a failure.

Allmon and AllStar are on the same server.

the password makeup is purely alphanumeric could there be a character number length limit?

Try this in manager.conf

bindaddr = ; Any