Allmon2 node connection information refresh

I have allmon2 installed and running on apache except when I connect to another node the bubble chart is populated right away but the connection information on the main web page just says Waiting… even if I repeatedly refresh the web page.

Is there something I can do to have the main web page node connection information refresh?

Make sure the settings in allmon.ini.php match the your node number and the user ID and password in manager.conf. Take a/nother look at the README for details.

Everything looks OK in allmon.ini.php and manager.conf. Allmon2 is functional for me (e,g., I can connect, disconnect, and view the bubble chart) except for the node connection list so I think all of my configs should be good.

One thing I noticed that hopefully will lead to a solution is that when I am connected to another node I don’t appear on the AllStarLink Keyed Nodes list. Just now I was connected thru iaxrpt and zoiper and this was my bubble chart:

I don’t know who HS2ZY is, s/he just happened to be connected at the same time. However, that connection appeared in the AllStarLink Keyed Nodes list while my connection did not:

If I am connected to another node then should my connection appear in the AllStarLink Keyed Nodes list, and could this be related to why my Allmon node connection information isn’t showing?

Also, is it significant that in the bubble chart the link between my node and 2000 is a star while all the other connections are lines/arrows?

After about two hours, my connections did appear in Allmon (I dropped the zoiper connection):

However, my connection still did not appear in the AllStarLink Keyed Nodes list.