Allmon2 and new Router

I had a new Fios G3100 router installed on Friday. I port forwarded all of the ports that I had in the old router in the new router. Everything is working except Allmond2. I the iaxrpt is working I can ssh into each server and I can connect local nodes or I can connect to outside nodes. I did not change anything in my pi servers. All we did was unplug the old router and plug in the new router and added the ports that I needed. I can see in the Allstar listing for my nodes that they are updating there. Could someone help me resolve the issue? I have port 80 forwarded also as it was in the old router. I don’t know what I’m missing.

Where are you running Allmon, on the node or on a separate server? Did any IPs change with the new DHCP leases from the new router?

I’m using Allmon on a node and I’ve tested the port 5039 and it’s open. I was using static IP’s for my node on the old router and I made the same IP’s static on the new router with Port forwarding. I’ve check them to make sure I had them correct. Something that may help, tonight I was able to log into Allmond using this method, 192.168.1.x/allmond2 (x=mynode) and my page came right up with the correct info. I could log in and make changes such as connections. Also I use to be able to use my Iphone and right now the page on the Iphone shows all the nodes waiting while it is correct using my home computer using the way above to get to Allmond.
Does this help in someway to figure out where the problem is? I’m not an IT person but I think its has something to do with a port not allowing outside to access Allmon. I just don’t what know port that is.

The Allmon URL http:/192.168.1.x/allmon2/ is typical and that’s port 80 of course. Allmon normally talks to your nodes via the AMI at port 5038. I don’t know what port 5039 would be for.

I am using port 5038 not 5039 that was a typo on the message. That port 5038 is open on my router and attached to my node’s Ip address. That is whats puzzling me as nothing was change on my node.

Allmond 2 is now working on all three of my nodes. The problem causing it not to work was me having little experience with port forwarding rules. I had someone help me four years ago when I first setup my Allstar network with Allmond2. The Fios Router G3100 has a number of pages that need to be filled out and boxes to be checked. Once I received some help here and reading online about port forwarding rules I began to understand how things work in this world.
One thing I would suggest to those that may have to upgrade their routers, look at your network system before replacing routers and switches. I didn’t realize that upgrading my router I would also have upgrade my switch. Write or copy everything you can down from the old router I was able to keep my old router and I log into it and basically was able to double check that I had all ports entered into the new router. I have written down instructions and documented the ports that I forwarded and how to do it.
Thanks to everyone that replied to my request for help! Great learning experience.