Allmon login levels

I have an ASL node running on I can log in as a SuperAdmin. What I want is to have a “user” login that only allows connect/disconnect. Supermon and Supermon2 have those features, but cannot get it to work on ASL (These are designed for hamvoip). Anyone have a link on how to do this??? (Yes, I have searched to no avail)

While Tim may be able to better explain…
There is no multi-level login in the php script.
You would need to write your own code. Allmon is open source.
You would need to declare which type of user has the right to do what things.

Presently, a Apache login (method used) allows config changes.

I believe you can install supermon on your install. There is group support for supermon at

Supermon does indeed work fine on ASL. And there is also AllScan, which has 5 different user permission levels. “Read/Modify” users can connect/disconnect nodes and edit favorites but do not have access to any other functions.