AllMon Login issues

I have just set-up a new Raspberry Pi Allstar node and for some reason i cant get the allmon to let me sign in, i have checked i have the right user name and password and the settings are the same as a friend but it still fails to let me in.
Does anybody have any suggestions please?

Karl G4AQV

Which login is not working, the login of Allmon to Asterisk or the Login prompt? Are you seeing your node listed?

Its the login prompt on the IP Address of the Pi, but saying that i can RX & Tx using DVSM but my Portal Node settings are saying No in registered if that helps?

I do not know how DVSM is set up but the Allmon readme might help with the login issue.

As far as AllStar registration, what does your registration like look like? In /etc/asterisk/iax.conf you need a line like However, as I said, I don’t know DVSM so ymmv. Check with the forum if you don’t get a better answer here.

I can’t tell if he is having a problem logging into the Pi or Allmon or DVSM. I asked him for clarification on Telegram.

Steve N4IRS


Sorry for the delay i have had work taking over at the moment.
just to clarify do i need to open port 4569 on my router for my RP with Allstar node to work properly and my issue with Allmon is that when i use a browser to which is my ip addrss of the RP and type in admin and the password set allmon tells me it isnt recoginsed for some reason!
Any ideas please?


yes you need to open port 4569 for allstar to pass thru the router. also did you run the following command?

htpasswd -cB .htpasswd username

and set a username and password for allmon? if you have done this then it will work when you type in your IP