Allmon help needed

I am pulling the little hair I have left out of my head trying to figure this out. I have Allmon running with no issues on all my nodes except one.

I installed a second node along side a working node so I can use Zoiper when out on the road. Everything is working fine except it will not connect to Allmon. I copied the information from the already working node and just changed the node # as I have done in the past. The strange thing is that the first node is showing up fine!

Any pointers?

I saw that you were helped over on HamVoIP. If you need anything else let us know.

I asked the same question there, but did not get an answer to correct the issue.


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    July 19

I saw that you were helped over on HamVoIP. If you need anything else let us know.

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Go in to one of your nodes copy the manager. Conf and the iaxrpt. Conf then past them in to a text file and save then go in to the node that failed do the same. Compare the files the one that works is your control files the other then should look like that one less the node info for the not working node. Ie pass word node number ect.

Here is what I did. I added a 2nd node onto a working RPI3, followed these directions “”. The first node on the pi shows up in allmon with no issues, the 2nd node shows cannot connect to asterisk manager. I have redone this 3 times now same results. The 2nd node is showing up on Allstar site as online and I can connect to other nodes.

I’m on ASL. Need someone to point me over to instructions for Allmon. Never installed it yet. Thanks.

The included README has the instructions but they assume you know certain things. Do take a look at and let us know where you get stopped.

The READMe is also here