Allmon 3 All Nodes Private

Hi Guys…

It’s been a While Since I last used Allmon3

I have Allmon3 Up and running except I cannot find any reference on where to Name Each of the Nodes that I have Created.

Does someone have an Idiots Guide to where I can name the Nodes ?

I’m aware that the privatenodes.txt is involved but not sure where to correctly place this file as I’m well getting OLDer…



If you see the private node numbers but no description (and you want a description) then you need to rename /var/www/html/allmon2/private.sample.txt and add your info. Then run astdb.php.

Those sound like Allmon2 steps. Allmon3 all settings are in the /etc/allmon3 directory. Once you’ve made the appropriate edits, restart with systemctl restart allmon3.service.