Allison announcements and node propagation


I have a different problem.
When I send a DTMF command *723 to get the version of my local node, ALL nodes on our network are answering.
It’s very annoying.

How can this be modified ?

73 Patrick

You really should make a new post when your topic is not pertinent to the topic you are posting in.
Different problem different post.

But I would say if you find it annoying, stop doing it.
Do you think the software version is going to change on it’s own ?

936 = cop,36| ; Foreign Link Local Output Path Enable|
937 = cop,37 |; Foreign Link Local Output Path Disable|
938 = cop,38 |; Foreign Link Local Output Path Follows Local Telemetry|
939 = cop,39 |; Foreign Link Local Output Path on Demand|

Jim, you’re right, I should have make a new post…

I’ve been testing different settings in rpt.conf including setting the propagate_dtmf =no, but none helped.

I suppose it’s a bad configuration, as I can’t imaging that this is a “normal” behavior.

On a heavily loaded network as ASL, if someone asks the version number on his local node, I hope that not all nodes on the network are answering.
Same for the parrott test, etc…

73 Patrick

Now you are seeing a reason to keep different topics on thread of their own.
You were replying to help on the original topic, but not yours.
It’s OK, I moved it manually.

The above will allow you to select what you hear Allison announce, located in rpt.conf

Know that telemetry is shared between connected nodes, you can not stop that.

You can select if you want only to announce local telemetry or the foreign telemetry included, just with those cop commands I pointed to. And you should see a separate set for echolink in the rpt.conf file.

Within that shared connected telemetry space, it is up to each node to control what parts are to be broadcast on their local node.