All Star on top of PI-star for analogue coms

Dear All ,

I am quite new to this so please bare with me, thank you in advance for your patience

I know this is a bit off context / topic , BUT , its a small issue that I am sure someone more knowledgeable will be able to solve in a minute.

I managed to install Allstar as a package on top of PI-star and works( Beginners Guide - AllStarLink Wiki , I used this guide and it seems to work as expected) I can see the registration of my node on the IAX BUT I tried to install * Allmon2 * but I have trouble making the webserver work as expected.

I am not an expert on Linux and any help is welcome. ( I know I am in a gray zone as I am between a pi-star config and all star config )

so pi-star uses nginx as a webserver and php 7.0 it has several setup files , i tried to use an alias on the config to make the website of allmon2 to work but no dice I get only a download prompt and it just downloads the actual php file

I hope you can help me out in this endeavor I have or the latest solution would be to have 2 Rpis on the repeater that I feel its wasteful.

Thank you in advance


See my answer: Pi-Star Like App_rpt? - #9 by wd6awp

If you want to use nginx you’ll need to sort out where the web docs are stored and add an allmon directory for the files.

Dear Sir ,

Thank you very much for both answers. Using an other PI its a liability ( issues with power and also SD card read rights and corruption of the SD cards yes I could make the system read only but i am not that good … yet ) since I can run both things on 1 Rpi , plus having to re-route power, mounting and audio signals , etc

Yes my issue is that I am not so proficient with nginx , I will try to make it happen , somehow ,

never the less I hope is not only a webserver issue but I think is a php issue too…

I will try my best if I find a solution I would like to incorporate it on some how to guide on the main page would that be possible ? since these repeaters are very common and could be turned into mix mode very very easily and most probably someone else had the same idea ( as seen from the previous thread)

Never the less , Thank you so very much for your response

I will post if I manage to make it happen ( I hope I will )

Thank you in advance

73 DE 5B4AKV

Dear Sir ,

I managed to get it working but i think i have something wrong

is this a default page ?

or I need something else ?

Congratulations! That is the default page, now you need to customize the settings for your node. Take a look at the read me here

Let me know how it goes.

Dear Sir ,

I did enable nomenu=no in the ini file

and my node ID
[MY node ID]

and still it does not work properly , and if I navigate forcibly to the control panel buy typing

and I get an error the my node ID is not in the ini file …

I am a bit confused …


Did you correctly edit controlpanel.ini.php? I think you need a [515680] stanza below the [general] even if there is nothing in it.

Also you need to set up a password and login into Allmon then you will have some buttons including one for the control panel.

It’s in the README.