All star account not right

Hi I have created an account on all but when I go to portal then node settings I have no option to get a node number, only create a server which doesn’t appear to work. Am I doing something wrong or just being stupid??

You must create a server, then you can request a node for the server.

I have tried that, when I fill out all the boxes & pick my location on the map, press submit, it doesn’t do anything but go back to create server.

What is your call sign? I’d be happy to take a look at your account. But I suspect you have a browser issue. What are you using? Is Javascript enabled?

Yes Java enabled. Tried multiple browsers. Call sign is M7NRT

Looks like you figured out what was wrong. I see your server and node. Good job!

Yes it was me being special :rofl: I had added the server but not set it up. Thanks for all your help

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wh6wav I tried everything don’t know what I’m going wrong

Hello 97Waverider,

Please start a new topic (this one is closed) and describe the trouble you are having.