Alinco 135 with Repeater Builders Alinco RIM, no receive audio

I’m looking for ideas and possible configuration changes. I have Allstarlink up and running. If I connect through CLI, I can receive audio from other nodes without issue (transmit from my node radio). I can also hear the scripts speaking at the reboot. However, from the RF side, I am not able to use DTMF or send audio with the node radio into the node from my HT or other radio.

My current USBsimple config is

Any suggestions for me?

Greg Hovland, W9IKU

The documentation sheet for the interface shows carrierfrom=usb (not invert). You may want to shut off rxboost, as it’s not needed with the amount of audio supplied by this radio.

Kevin W3KKC

Thank you. Here’s the tough part on following that documentation. When I do that change to carrierfrom=usb, none of it works. I’m at a loss.

When you say “none of it works” are you saying that you don’t hear anything from the node either from locally generated telemetry as well as connections from the network - as in the node is no longer transmitting? Or do you mean something else?

Does the node transmit continuously and then eventually “time out” ? If so - the node thinks the radio is receiving a signal and locks the system in transmit until the node times itself out. This normally happens when the cosfrom is set wrong.

Do you have the radio set to analog or digital? For a regular RIM-Alinco interface to work with ASL - the radio shouldn’t be placed into digital mode and the square wave shouldn’t be visible on the front panel.

Additionally - I’ll assume you have the squelch control on the radio set correctly and have verified that you have a logic level (voltage) change on Pin-1 of the DB9 between receiving no signal (receiver squelched) and receiver active hearing a valid signal on channel.

Please try to explain using as much detail as you can. Remember - we’re not there with you and we’re only aware of what you tell us. Because even simple problems can have a lot of moving parts, being complete is most beneficial for the masses to be able to help you.

Kevin W3KKC

My node number is 470176. If in carrier from = usbinvert, I am able to hear audio from the connected node (470170). I can hear telemetry (scripts). They key up the radio and I hear the message.
Audio from the node in question (470176) does not transmit to the connected node (470170) or pass dtmf digits (they do not show up in the cli screen). The only way I can connect to other nodes is by using the keyboard in CLI mode or via Allmon2.

If I switch to carrierfrom = usb I hear a bunch of rf noise continuously until I shut down the node.

The radio is not in digital mode.

Can you please post the result of the following test:

Verify you have a logic level (voltage) change on Pin-1 of the DB9 between receiving no signal (receiver squelched) and receiver active - hearing a valid signal on channel.

Use a DMM and provide the voltage readings from ground to Pin-1 of the DB9 in both states.

One more sanity check - do you have a RB RIM-Alinco or a RIM-Alinco 9600?

Kevin W3KKC

I apologize, I am just getting caught up on e-mails. (Apparently I can’t reply to e-mails, but must come to the forum and post directly.) :roll_eyes:

I went back through my order book for a few pages and I can’t locate your original order. I did get your order from over the weekend, which will ship in today’s mail.

I was looking back to see if you originally ordered a “Regular” RIM_Alinco" or a RIM_Alinco-9600. The -9600 version removes the COS input entirely for Windows based TNC applications (WinLink, Direwolf, etc.) and will not work correctly with AllStar.

Have you done Kevin’s test to see if the COS pin of the radio is working as expected?

If you find that the interface seems defective, let me know and I will gladly take care of it.

Scott - N3XCC (Repeater-Builder)

Good news! I have a replacement board working. Now to troubleshoot the old board knowing that I wasn’t crazy. Thank you all for your patience with me.

In some rare occasions - I have seen everything work correctly except the COS or CTCSS logic inputs. These CM chips are very reliable and very few are defective out of the tray - but it does happen. Scott and I bought CM119A chips at the same time for our respective businesses (RB and MC) and I’m sure we can expect the same (low) failure rate between us.

Please do let us know what you find, Greg.

Kevin W3KKC