Adding app_rpt and chan_usbradio to existing PBX

Hi, I have a running FreePBX with extensions connected to it. I want to incorporate a two way radio into this using DMK URIx and applications like app_rpt and chan_usbradio. please guide me on this? Do I need to have a node too? I am completely new to this so I need a professional assistance on this.

You might state the version of FreePBX and the version of OS your using…
If it is a late model, it would likely not be compatible with our app_rpt.
I say that without full knowledge of it, so test as you will but, I would use the new beta for later kernel capability. You would need to do a manual install of the software without OS.
Back everything up before you do and for better results, test it on some other machine so you do not inhibit your existing PBX.

If you feel you are linux and asterisk savvy, play with one of our images and build your PBX the old fashion way. LOL
One other option is to make the radio node on a Raspberry Pi and direct your radio connection to/from the network via IAX.

If you get it running, you do not need to have a ‘public Allstar node’, but a private unregistered node will do the trick.

Check back here with specific questions as we will help you along. And read up in the wiki.

I suspect the version of Asterisk FreePBX is too new to support AllStar. You’ll need to install ASL, preferably Beta 6, on a separate server. Then you need to dive into the Asterisk magic to add extensions and a trunk between the two servers. But don’t worry about the extensions and trunk yet. Focus on getting AllStar running first.

Will try this! Thanks!

I think your best approach is to install on a Raspberry Pi 3b using one of our images.
Index of /ASL_Images/Raspberry_Pi/ (read the readme)
And using some of the above info to help, as well as our wiki. All pages - AllStarLink Wiki

Then, hopefully you are more comfortable with asterisk commands and structure, make a IAX link between the 2 box’s as a trunk and make calls in the dialplan. The Rpi3b would be easier on your local network, but not necessarily next to the FreePBX box.

I might also ask if the radio port you are generating is to be used with a repeater system or direct radio to radio, as we call it ‘simplex’ or ‘talkaround’
You will need a usb radio interface as well, - known as a URI on the pi

It will be one from these two:
en_dm1000_data_sheet (1).pdf (148.2 KB)
MD788_MD788G (2).pdf (2.3 MB)
can you recommend which one is better?
And will be using DMK URIx

I can’t say what is better. It’s generally more if /what fits your use with features.

You must find points on the radio to attach sensor for ‘receiver active’ known as COS
And PTT (push to talk for transmit) can be accessed at the mic plug.
More research would be needed on your part for these and you likely can find info on the web as many commercial radios have a port on the back where everything needed is accessible.
So you need a COR PTT and Audio in and out. and your URI that you purchase may explain that more.