Accessing the AllStar Link web site links and registration

I am new to AllStar and setting up a server on an RPi. I am trying to process a node/server registration on the site and no matter what browser I used nothing seems to work.

I found a link where another user, some time ago, had the same problem. While it seems he was able to resolve the issue, unfortunately, he did not share the solution online.

I have tried Chrome, Edge, and Firefox on several different machines running Windows and IOS. I also tried an iPad. Many of the links don’t work and the registration process just keeps failing. I have never seen this type of problem and suspect it is script related just surprised none of my machines work.

I have the RPi 4 ready and have the communication board on its way so need to secure the registration. I am hoping someone might have the answer to this issue and sure would save me some time. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Welcome aboard Kevin, Is up and running.

I am having the same problem. I am trying to run two nodes at my home. I have done everything I read about to make it work. No reg

486800 486802

I did the port forward different ports 4569 4568 222 2221 etc Not a thing




The registration servers are running ok. One of your nodes is registered. Can you ping from your node? Can you ping your router from your node?

Please note: no ports have to be forwarded for a node to register.

Working with the help desk I found some typo errors and corrected them. Now all three are registered

Having problems with my LAN which we are looking into now


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