A Year End message from AllstarLink

Hi All,

I just wanted to thank everyone on a tremendous year of growth for AllstarLink. We have nearly doubled the number of active nodes in 2021 and the level of interest has never been higher.

I would also like to thank all of the developers who created and improved the amazing turnkey systems for hotspots and other innovative software clients and multi-protocol gateways that have allowed more hams to experience our high-fidelity analog networking than ever before.

2021 was also the first full year of the network utilizing commercial hosting services for all of our operations. This positive change brought us nearly 100% uptime but at the cost of much higher expenses to our non-profit, all volunteer organization.

For the few that have supported and continue to, my gratitude goes out, you kept us in operation, we could not have done any of this without your ongoing commitment to the success of the network.

For everyone else, we are politely asking for your financial support. Our request is that you help us with a $1/mo donation (ideally per node) so we can continue to expand, support, and improve AllstarLink into the future.

So Happy Holidays and New Year from the volunteers here and we thank you for your ongoing enthusiasm and financial support.

Pete Elke / WI6H, President

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