2 Nodes Same Server (Hub, no radios)

I’ve seen the HowTo regarding running 2 nodes on the same server but that deals with USB/radio interfaces.

I want to run 2 radioless nodes.

  1. Can I use the same dahdi/pseudo line in the 2nd stanza ?
  2. Does that 2nd stanza have to contain EVERYTHING in the one used on the first node?

Guess it’s always worth trying. 2nd radioless node up and running but it isn’t registering with the registration server. 1 step at a time

Yes, copy the whole complete 1st stanza (whole file), then paste at the bottom of the file and change the node number.

Each node defined in the rpt.conf can have its own rxchannel defined (e.g. dahdi/psuedo, SimpleUSB, Voter, etc.) My server has a rpt.conf file that runs 5 nodes, 3 are hubs (dahdi/pseudo) and 2 voters.

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For the record,
Dahdi, USRP, SimpleUSB, USBRadio are all possible interfaces that only need to be correct to what the node is interfaced with.

The rest of the set-up is the same for nodes ‘in the same server’.

Registration, Dial Plan Routing (extensions.conf & rpt.conf) for each node.

You can have as many of any as the server will support with cpu, mem, net bandwidth.

Using a USB codec is easy enough to make unique (usb, usb1, usb2, etc). How does one make the dahdi/psuedo unique for each node instance?

You don’t make them unique or addressed to anything else.

So the same entry in each node stanza

rxchannel = dahdi/pseudo ; No radio (hub)

Correct. Same entry. The node number is already defining what the use of the hub (dahdi/psuedo) is applicable to.

In the case of the USB needing it, it’s because you need to define which USB hardware port you’re mapping to.

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