2 nodes 1 rpi incoming connections

I have 2 nodes on one rpi, the problem is configuring so that both nodes can receive incoming connections.
The first node works as desired.
the second will not take incoming. outgoing is ok.
both nodes use the same IP address for the rpi
there does not seem to be a place to differentiate the ports for the specific nodes.
Any ideas?

While there are way to port nodes separately, I am certain you have no need to do so.

Port and IP are generally per server. If it’s working for one node, there is no reason it would be different for the second on the same server. It is a different node number on the same IP and Port, that’s all.
You only need one IAX port.

Which brings us to your node connection issue.

Can you say the node number in question and the version of the software you are using ?

oh… and what Pi version 3/4 ?

Info is here. I had this running about 15 years ago

GeorgeC W2DB

Thank you for the info.
That is what I needed
the extensions.conf was missing this


exten => 1234,1,rpt,1234

exten => 5678,1,rpt,5678 <this line was still node 1999


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