Wondering if anyone has tried the ASL Beta with Debian 11 yet?

Subject says it all (I suspect kernel issues perhaps?)

Missing dependencies
Could fudge sources list a bit, but what is to be gained ?
It’s not going to run without some mod’s.
I may come back to it and fiddle.

I have tried this with the desktop version (kde-plasma) twice and it’s great.
I also tried it with asterisk 18LTS on minimal install. Just fine. No issues.

Now if only Armbian was workable as PIs are all but impossible to come by currently

I have ASL Beta running on the newly official 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS which was released last month and is built on Debian 11. Of course I had to build everything from source to get there, and I also had to patch the source code for both dahdi and asl-asterisk. The former because of the newer kernel version and the latter because of libraries having been modified for ARM.

As finding a Pi at a reasonable price is difficult at the moment, I might just give compiling a shot for the ODroid C4 (ARM 64 processor running a version of Debian called Armbian)

I success to build working ASL with all tools on aarch64 device with debian 11.
I had to make some modification in php files (Php 8 ) for dvswitch, supermon, etc
I used asl-asterisk on git GitHub - encbar5/ASL-Asterisk: Version of Asterisk used for AllStarLink with branch “update_guess_scripts” to enable aarm64 architecture support for compilation.
To success build asterisk,I had to fake io.h sys because on arm64 there is no IO priviledge support on this architecture.
Now I have a full working ASL on debian 11 on my Internet Box Server running the VM.