Web Transceiver Problem

Hi. I am trying to get Web Transceiver to work. Is it still operational? I followed the instructions in in the pdf file and set the permissions in Java. When I click on a WT node it takes me to the web transceiver page but I get the message: failed to validate certificate. I searched the forum but could not locate a solution. The permissions in Java security have been set. I am using the Pale Moon Browser and Windows 11 pro. Any help would be appreciated.


Brad W1XI

Brad, To my knowledge, this still works with java capable browser.

Looking at the instructions, I am thinking page 4 may be your culprit.

However, you might also need to check all system security measures for java, etc.
All of this could vary depending on what you are running.

Also know that it is ‘possible’ other measures you might be running could effect this like noscript type protection or virus scanners.

But perhaps someone will chime in with what exactly they use for access. I know it is still used by some.

But a “failed to validate certificate” could indicate that the web https certificate is out of date etc.
You might try to ignore that in the software browser if you can. I checked it and it is good.

This could be caused by page 4 issues. Perhaps review again.

OK Mike. Thanks. I did carefully follow the page 4 instructions but Web Transceiver did not work. If Java security was not properly set, I would have gotten a different error message.


Well, the exact error is related to the sites SSL certificate.
So, something with your browser.
Perhaps clearing browser cache/temp files would help
You might try to manually install the SSL cert. or look closer to the complete error within the browser.

But I would not assume that you will see all errors on issues with this.