USB-RIM Lite for MCS2000

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I’m connecting 2 MCS2000’s to a USB-RIM Lite to make a Repeater but I have hit a Small snag which I hope someone may be able to clarify.

I have the RX with Pins 8,10,11 Connected to the RIM
I have the TX with Pins 10,21,23 Connected to the RIM

With Duplex 0 enabled, If I Transmit to the RX the audio is not Passed to the TX however if I connect to my node with say zoiper I can hear the Audio coming thru.

If I unmute the mic for Zoiper then the TX Radio does Key UP and transmit.

I have tried changing the Duplex options from 0,1 and 2 but when I choose 1,2,3 or 4 then the Tx does key up but stay keyed after the receiver cos has ended needing me to restart the Asterisk Server.

Is there a way of getting not just the audio into Allstarlink but also to the TX radio for local repeater functionality or is this simply not an option.

Also if anyone has a Good Config file for these Radio’s that I can compare to mine that would be appreciated.



Rob on IO_5 which it appears you are using for COS does it change state with recevied signal off and on. When I was setting up a MCS for someone to connect to allstar I found that line either latched or had a huge delay to reset, I forget which. So what I did find was that the speaker output changed state with received signal on/off. The voltage was high, maybe 9 volts or more, maybe 12. I build a voltage divider to make it 3 volts if memory is correct and made that the COS signal. And it is really a “valid receive” meaning it only transitions (turns audio circuit on) when bothe carrier and PL are present.
GeorgeC W2DB