Uridiag program does not find device

I wanted to test my URIB using uridiag and self made loopback cable but when I run ./uridiag, is says device not found.
lsusb list my uri device.

It is likely that you do not have it defined correctly in the software and it does not see it.
Watch the typo errors.

my example…

in rpt.conf
rxchannel = SimpleUSB/usb_29285 ; Rx audio/signalling channel

so in this example, I look in simpleusb_tune_usb_29285.conf
I should see



Just know the software only looks for data defining the exact described instance.

Your files may look or describe a bit different than mine (not sure) Mine are a bit old.
But the title/stanza name must be the same to pick up parameters.

Hope that leads you somewhere.