Unable to setup new node W5MF

I am attempting to setup a new node using a RPi and a URI. I created a login on the allstarlink.org and responded back to the email, but it states that the token is no longer valid. It lets me login, but it seems like no matter what I do I cannot get the “Portal” option at the top of the page. I tried to open a ticket and my email got rejected stating I do not have any right to open one.

Please Help.


Welcome W5MF :tada:

Be sure you are using web-tpa.allstarlink.org to login in to the portal.

I’ve enabled your ID. You should be able to login now with your callsign and the password you chose at signup. Once you get logged in the Portal menu will work.

Thank you. I logged in and was able to get to the Portal menu. I now have made my request for a node number. It says that should take about 24 hours.


Just issued your node number. Enjoy!