Unable to find simpleusb.conf file

Due to several interruptions of electrical power, my AllStar nodes could no longer connect to any other nodes. I currently have two nodes on one server. I was suspect that the micro SD card might have been damaged so I installed a new one and downloaded new RPI software. I then rebuilt both nodes from scratch. I also verified my setup with a copy of my original files to try and identify any errors.
However the result is still the same as I cannot connect to any other nodes. I set up and configured each node separately instead of trying both at once. When running simpleusb.conf I am not able to set receive levels as no indication of a transmitted signal level is show when making test transmissions. I also see no DTMF tones whenusing my HT keys. I use Supermon AST messages to see what errors It identifies when attempting to make connections and Consistently see cannot find simpleusb.comf file. Obviously I am missing something simple. Any ideas ?

Simpleusb.conf is installed by default and is not someting that is “run”. It’s generally setup by editing or with the menu. Then run simple-tune-menu to set audio levels and such. Don’t forget to enable simpleusb in modules.conf.

it is simpleusb-tune-menu to set levels. I would check your audio interface if you are not getting any signals thru. then also make sure that your node gets registered by checking it is online stats. Click on Allstar status on Supermon when logged into it. it should tell you connection and say established. if your not make connection try rebooting your router and network and see if it comes back online.

Thanks for your response. I have followed your recommenations and still have not fixed the registration issues. i will keep looking…

registration is located in the in the IAX.CONF file. the line reads
register => Node#:password@register.allstarlink.org

if you just got this setup you need to allow it to remain online for 3 days to propagate thru the network so the others know your there. then you can connect to them. you will see them registered when you log in to
Node Settings under Portal.