Txctssdefault explanation?

This is the current PL setup in ’ usbradio.conf ’ for K2ETS. Can someone CLEARLY explain what these lines actually do? There is NOTHING in the online pages that do so. Last night, during an online club meeting, I was the only one using 110.9 into the repeater, using carrier squelch for receive. Some members using tone squelch reported they only heard the first two words of my transmissions. Others had no problem at all? We need to transition the repeater to a new PL, and I thought this would make the transition easier?

To me, the repeater should ALWAYS transmit 141.3, but accept either 141.3 or 110.9 for receive. Apparently I am wrong. A better explanation, somewhere, will help.


As I understand it (with the settings you show), when you use 110.9 it will transmit 110.9. If some of your net folks were using 141.4, their squelch would close after a second, or so, because it is the wrong tone for them. Previous discussion on this topic indicates that, when the 110.9 stops, the transmit side immediately goes to 141.3 and that is what is used for the hang time or tail message if any.