Tlb.conf and chan_tlb

Why has tlb.conf and chan_tlb been taken out of the beta versions running on Buster? I ask this because myself and several other people that I know of are using the linkbox and this module gives us the opportunity to link our allstar nodes to thelinkbox software. This will stick those of us that use TLB to being forced to use older versions of Allstar.

TheLinkBox should still work in the beta. Copy your tbl.conf to the beta and load => in modules.conf

Also see: TheLinkBox - AllStarLink Wiki

I’ve been using chan_tlb on my VPS running the beta. As Tim said, I loaded the module and created the tlb.conf file. Works the same as before.

I used to run TLB back before I discovered AllStar. I’m curious as to the reason for running TLB on AllStar. Is it better than chan_echolink, what’s the advantage?

The reason I’m using TLB is TLB is the software running my IRLP experimental reflector. Want to link ASL to it. Easiest way to do it with success.

We can use U-LAW with chan_tlb. chan_echolink uses GSM.

David M.