There was an error running option 4

Hi, kinda new to this and am chasing some help.
I have completed initial setup of the ASL node on my RPi.
SimpleUSB is selected as my sound driver.

When I run the simpleusb-tune-menu I am presented with the following:

“There was an error running option 4”

Onboard sound driver has been disabled and alsa speaker test proves everything is working (can hear speaker test from RPi out my Baofeng and RX on my Anytone).

rpt.conf and modules.conf seem fine and I get no kernel module load error on boot.

Am I missing something here?
Also is there any form of logging for ASL? That level of verbosity doesn’t help me :frowning:



Update: running “sudo simpleusb-tune-menu” from the CLI yields a “Segmentation Fault” error.
No further verbosity. Going to do OS upgrade and see what happens.

Any input would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: