Telemetry Courtesy tones

There are some settings in the Telemetry Stanza for courtesy tones that are not explained, like:
ranger=, remcomplete=,functcomplete=, remotemon=,remotetx=,cmdmode=,pfxtone=
Maybe I am not looking at the right documentation? Can someone explain these?

remcomplete - remote complete
functcomplete = function complete
remotemon = remote monitor
remotetx - remote transmit
cmdmode= command mode

nothing there to worry about as it just sets what the tome is for that operation.

I can explain a few of them…

  • ranger = was a project that never got off the ground. The idea was for an alerting simplex system.
  • functcomplete = is the dit-dit tone after a successful DTMF sequence.
  • remotetx = is the bee-poop courtesy tone when you’re connected to another node.

Thanks for the reply. This should be added to the WiKi page to make it complete.