System difference

Greeting new ham operator here and i have a quick question, i did a few research and just need a small clarification about 3 different system. Can you explain me the difference between thoose 3 please ?

ASL1.0 (allstar link image thats can be downloaded from allstarlink website)
HamVoip (can be downloaded from hamvoip website)
Dvswitch server

I want to get started and i dont know if those 3 do the same thing or not.

First i have buyed a shari pi for rpi3 and i waiting for it. But i also want to have server i can connect from my cellphone (even if i am not at home) to connect to allstar, echolink and dmr.

Thank you for your help and sorry for my english if it is not very clear.

ASL and hamvoip are forks in the program app_rpt which rides on ‘asterisk’ a telephony private branch exchange system.
Both make use of the allstar network for ‘analog’ communications at the end-points.

DVSwitch server is for digital communication like DMR, YSF, DSTAR etc
It does not require the asterisk PBX/ ASL/hamvoip unless you want to make local links to it.

You can run a DVSwitch server on a ASL 1.01 or beta6 server.

You have much to learn so my advice is to not start with dvswitch server. But add it later.
Unless you have no interest in analog linking at all.

Great thks a lot for you answer. it will surely help me to start with allstarlink.

Thank again :slight_smile: