Status Of Software Developent

Just checking on how work is going with getting app_rpt running on Buster with newer kernel lacking OSS.
Thanks to those that do this work. Way beyond my aged and feeble brain!


We have ASL running on the Pi 4 with Buster. Two of our folks are testing it and results are good far. Hopefully it will get released soon.

Thanks Tim. Looking forward to the release.

Testing is currently underway for ASL using Debian Buster and revised simpleusb and usbradio channel drivers that are fully compatible with the cm108, cm119A and cm119B chipsets.


Nathan Hardman


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One of the things that Buster compatibility will do is provide UEFI compliancy (for PC’s not RPI). If the new version of ASL is really some distance into the future, I suggest the existing ISO be updated to a later version of Stretch (e.g., 9.11).

I wonder how many people buy a shiny new PC for ASL, try to boot from the current ISO and just get a black screen? Then what do they do? Give up?