Stats server - invalid node reporting

A few nice simple tables showing by the number of private/invalid nodes reporting telemetry to the stats server at This data only cover the last 5 minutes. Longer time spans create larger tables.

Count is the number of times the IP listed has reported telemetry for the invalid node to the stats server. The version of the client reported is also listed as an additional reference/data point.

If your IP address is showing up here then please fix your node config and comment out the statpost_url line for any node with a number below 2000 or generally outside the normal node number allocations.

So, roughly totaling the count column, it looks like maybe 500 invalid reports to the stats server in 5 minutes?? I would calculate the total number of stats server reports, from all nodes, would be approximately: 4200 nodes reporting twice every minute for 5 total minutes…OR:

4200 * 2 * 5 = 42000 total reports in 5 minutes??

So, currently about a 1.2% invalid report rate? Is that correct?

FOR HamVoIP USERS: There was an update released on May 18, 2020 which automatically fixes this issue. Please upgrade your node using admin menu option #1 !!!

Thanks for the info,

73, David KB4FXC