Spurious disconnect

My node 49149 is operating on a raspberry pi and hooked to a 927.5 MHz transceiver on the roof of my condo building as a simplex node. I frequently connect to a local 70cm repeater for testing using another transceiver in my apt, and leave it on. Sometimes it spuriously disconnects, and I can’t see any changes in the log files in var/log when this happens.

Is there a way I can find out what caused it to disconnect? Sometimes it runs for days at a time, sometimes just a few hours!

73 de Nigel VE3ID

Probablt several way.

The easies to explain may be to just ‘run asterisk in the foreground’ and watch for the error message when it occurs.

asterisk -rvvv

exit puts you back at a system prompt.

If you do not understand the error, com back and post it here and someone may guide you a bit.
Try to capture perhaps the error and several events before the error.