SkywarnPlus Discussions?

The Github site for SkywarnPlus is still up, but I can no longer find the discussion group to ask questions. Where did it go? I tried sending Mason an e-mail, with no response.

Unfortunately, I had to remove the “Discussions” feature from the SkywarnPlus GitHub repository due to improper usage and failure to read instructions by most users that posted there. Maybe one day the Discussions tab will return.

If someone wants to submit a formal bug report or feature request, that is what the “Issues” feature in GitHub is for. I have created issue templates in the repository to aid with submissions. Any issues submitted to my repository that fail to follow the instructions in the issue templates will be ignored and deleted.

As far as any emails that may have been sent to me… I would hope that the general public can understand that I do not have the time available to entertain messages from strangers sent to my personal email inbox about SkywarnPlus issues or questions. I have NEVER posted my personal email address as a form of “support contact” for SkywarnPlus, so I am unsure where this idea sprung about.

Again, my personal email inbox is not a place for SkywarnPlus support. The ONLY “official” support available for SkywarnPlus if via the Issues feature in the official GitHub repository, which requires a specific format to be followed.

Please keep in mind that I am a one man show. I do not make any money off of SkywarnPlus. I created it for personal use, and decided to share it publicly in hopes that it might help others as well. Any support I provide for SkywarnPlus is on my own time, which is finite.


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