Simpleusb configuration

Ok, I know it has to be familiar but I installed the software and all went well. I have it booting up fine but my URIx does not key up when I send a transmission to it. The receiver is working but again not keying the URIx when it should. When I boot up the computer and loads everything the radio does key and then send the id as it should but then nothing from then on? What am I missing? Thanks

Maybe you’ll see something here that helps.

Thanks, The setup is standard and correct on the wiring on that side and as I said, keys up when it first boots up. After Id that is it. My older disk that crashed work fine so I know it is a setting somewhere that allstarlink did not set when I loaded it. Course it should be simple yet I miss it. I am going to try to grab data from old hard drive conf files so I can print those so I can go one at a time to find it. Thanks though for the suggestion as it all helps. Steve

This can happen if COS sense is reversed. Node comes up then goes into time-out. You might not hear the time out announcement or it’s not enabled.


Did you get this figured out? I just built my first node and have the same problem