SimpleUSB and hamvoip

I am still trying to get my allstarlink working. I now can hear my cw call and if i connect to parrot, voice says 40894 connected to 56601. But i am hearing a squeal when the bf888 is txing. that’s connected to the CM108 and RP 4b. I did the mod with out the transistor. I had to set invertPTT to 1 to get things to work. I get nothing back from parrot. I read that i need hamvoip. I burnt that to sdcard but when i boot nothing on the monitor. Yet i burn a ASL version and it comes right up on the monitor. Riad blocks road blocks … thanks scott ka1pit

Be sure to edit /etc/asterisk/rpt.conf and set duplex = 1. Do you see a selection on the Menu or are you a command line sort of person?