Rx only SIP Dial In - Disable DTMF


I’d like to create an Rx only SIP Dial In service for my node, with no DTMF / VOX control.

Whats the best way to go about this? I have successfully setup a dial plan so callers via SIP are connected via the node but I need to disable the control side of things.

I tried creating a dummy node with the DTMF functions stanza empty, but then I can’t use the Macro to connect to the “master” node.

Is there a neat way of doing this?


You have the right idea with the dummy node. Just create additional functions and macro stanzas with unique names. Place only the SIP macros and functions you need in them. Point the dummy SIP node stanza to the new sections. Should look something like this:

 ;Dummy SIP stanza
; normal node stuff here

functions = functions1000     ; Point to SIP functions 
macros = macros1000           ; Point to SIP macros
; More normal node stuff
; End of node 1000 stanza

; SIP Functions here

; SIP Macros here