RTCM gps using garmin 18 reports date as 2001

Using an rtcm , garmin 18x, the date reported was" Current Time: Sun Oct 28, 2001 22:55:32.000"
Using firmware " S/W Version: Chuck-1.50-SMT-WA1JHK 01/06/2021a "
A second site reports the same time too using above software .

One rtcm reboots some of the time , other times it does not go through the bootloader phase and simply
does nothing , a reset or power cycle brings it back .
One other strange thing , had some issues using telnet and this particular rtcm , allowed login but never produced a menu just froze .Ip was correct changed ip then back saved (99 ) seems to work via telnet after .

Has anyone seen these issues and is there an easy fix ?

Check out this topic for new firmware that may fix the date problem.

Thanks , will giv it a try !

I hear Dave @wb6wtm already mentioned this to you but (for the benefit of others who may be reading this) the Garmin firmware may need an update.

I used the firmware from ve7fet , added 619315201 ( using menu 82 ) .
found this Garmin GPS Week Number Rollover Statement | Garmin Support.

also found
Garmin GPS 18x LVC firmware issue
down the above webpage there is a release for the 18x lvc firmware - did not try this …

thanks !

Garmin has official firmware update ,

Garmin: GPS 18x PC/LVC Updates & Downloads

might try this soon -