Repeater Transmitter will not Key

New to AllStarLink.
Fresh install using a pi-3+ and Model RA-40 interface. Repeater Motorola XPR-8300
When I receive a signal on the repeater and shows via a green light that a signal is present an at my interface board I see the COS present. at D1 at CM119A U1 Chip the pull down is present. No signal is 4.0 volts, with signal 0.0 volts which tell me that my COS circuit is working.
I did follow the instructions on setting up an AllStarLink node.
Also I did run the “simpleusb-tune-menu” to check my transmitter for keying audio which if fine…

Dale KJ6IX

My first thought is what does a DMR repeater do with an analog signal? Can the XPR-8300 actually work in analog mode?

Check the duplex= setting in rpt.conf. It should be duplex=2 for a repeater. Also, in simpleusb.conf be sure ctcss=no for now. Both files are in the /etc/asterisk directory.

The above assumes you are somewhat familiar with Linux and an editor. If not and you are a Windows type you’ll want to learn WinSCP which is a free download.