Repeater + HUB on same Pi?

I am trying to get BOTH my repeater AND a noradio-HUB running on the same Pi. I was previously running 2 repeaters. I have edited the rpt.conf stanza for the HUB for ’ rxchannel=dahdi/pseudo’. The repeater stanza is running ’ rxchannel=radio/usb_xxxxx '. I have the correct registration listed in iax.conf as well. The HUB will not register properly.
The HUB was working on a seperate Pi.


Rpt.conf make sure node is defined in nodes stanza.

Iax.conf needs to have register statement for allstar


Need to make sure dial plan for your nodes are defined in secure-radio context.

Dont forget to also edit the simple usb

The repeater stanza is using ’ radio/USB ', and the HUB is using ’ dahdi/psuedo ’ as per AllStar documentation. I had an error in my rpt.conf file. It is now working for BOTH the repeater and HUB.

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