Radio in carrier for 10 seconds from the end of transmission

Hello everyone I’m running the new version ASL_Images_Beta 4 together with a usb key with the cm108 and a raspberry3, because since I finish speaking the radio remains in the carrier for about 10 seconds in the configuration rxondelay = 0 and rxaudiodelay = 0 are inserted. I can’t understand where I went wrong, any clarification will please me
Special thanks to all the developers and the group for their commitment

Hello in0ndt,

Be sure to set duplex=0 for no hangtime or duplex=1 if you want courtesy tones. In the case of duplex=1 be sure to set hangtime=xxx to a short value.

These settings are in the /etc/asterisk/rpt.conf file. Be sure to restart asterisk after making changes. Let us know if you need help with any of that.

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Second this. The default hangtimes are pretty long because they’re meant for a repeater and not a simplex node. Set hangtime = 0 and althangtime = 0

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You guys are big … I have been banging my head for a week I downloaded all the versions I also tried with a pi4 I saw everything but I did not see inside the rtp.conf file I thought that the parameter was not there in rpt.conf but it was inside the usbradio.conf and simpleusb.conf … what about thanks

I think the simpleusb.conf has its own delays. rxondelay and rxaudiodelay. I have both set to 0 on my simplex node.

Did those hang times work for you then? :slight_smile:

Rob … rxondelay and rxaudiodelay. by default they are higher. I brought them to 0 but I had not yet tried with the values of hangtime = 0 and althangtime = 0 To do the tests I enabled all the rx files both usbradio and simpleusb because the two values are in the two files. Then as I put as you suggested the hangtime and althangtime value of 0 in Rpt.conf I restarted asterisk and everything went as I wanted.

Perfect! I had the same issue the other day. I’ll be lowering the default hangtime in the config and adding a commented out line with higher hangtime for repeaters.

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