RA 42 Board Heartbeat Light

Hello group:

Was wondering if anyone in the group has had a problem with a Masters Communications RA- 42 board. Everthing seems to work with my node fine but for some reason I noticed I have lost the green led (Heartbeat) light that flashes. Not shure if this is a burned out led or if I have a problem other then I know about. Trying to get in touch with maker of board but I dont have a good email address.

Simple confusion on my end mabe. Any Ideas ?

Dan Node 45875

I don’t think I\ll get in to much trouble by giving you Kevin’s e-mail address.
should get a message to him.

Don, K8ZGW

Thank you Sir but thats the email I was trying earlier. I will try agin…

Kevin also hangs out here on Community. You can notify him with a mention like this: @kuggie or direct message if preferred.


Does the blue LED light up? If it does, then it’s likely the green LED has failed. If neither the green or blue LEDs illuminate, something is wrong. You could try plugging the RA-42 into a Windows computer, as it should be recognized as a standard USB sound card.


Hi Kevin.

Yes blue LED is lit and node is working fine other then the green heart beat LED not flashing. Never thought of the green LED failing.
I thought I set something wrong in the node so thought I would ask about it. Thanks for your repley…


Over the course of a few thousand green LED’s, I’ve had 3 or 4 fail. It’s not common, but it does happen. If you don’t have a source of the LED locally, I’ll be happy to send you one. Otherwise, if you don’t have the ability to replace it, send it back and I’ll replace it. The only cost would be for shipping it to me. I’ll fix it, and cover the cost of return shipping.

Kevin W3KKC

Hi Kevin:

Thanks for your kind offer on the replacement LED… My address is good on QRZ.com. I’ll get it that way if you send one. That work for you ?

Roger Roger…

One on its way.