Question on RTCM using CTCSS parameter

I am watching the led lights on the RTCM at the repeater site and while the repeater system is in use and the RTCM is receiving a valid external CTCSS input from a external controller, led3 on the RTCM is lit solid and not flickering. But I am noticing on the Allmon2 webpage for this RTCM it drops from 255 to 0 for a single millisecond every 4 or 5 seconds, which of course makes the audio sound like it is dropping in and out. Is this a result of not properly setting up the RTCM, or is more likely a latency contributed issue? I set the buflen according to the manual for the worst ping, plus additional padding as outlined. Typically the ping is around 40-45ms from the Hub to the RTCM, but we have been noticing a ping jump in there around 120ms. Thoughts?
We are working on setting up a direct Ubiquiti 5ghz link to this site and placing the Hub at that location, since the current Ubiquiti 5ghz link we are using is routed to another location with limited bandwidth.

I’d say that’s not an issue with your hardware. Def sounds like a network thing. You might try to bump your RX buffer (in voter.conf) a bit and see if that helps.