Proxmox running ASL in a VM

I’ve been experimenting running ProxMox on a Lenovo M93P Tiny with 8 gigs of RAM, running a 64 bit version of ASL in one VM. Overall it works ok but I am seeing audio drop outs that occur randomly but when they do, audio drops out but approx 1/2 a second of audio is passed every 2 seconds or so (that is regular timing)

I’ve given that VM 2 gigs of RAM and 2 cores of the 4 core i5 processor and it doesn’t appear to be using anywhere near the limits of either (there is a realtime monitor of such things in Proxmox). When this happens, there are no other VM’s active.

Anyone tried this before?

I have a pretty major breakthrough about this - it is now running great! The fix was rather simple actually - don’t assign the USB Port in the ASL VM to be a 3.0 one. Now, Allstar (running in a Debian 10 AMD64 VM) is running smoothly, side-by-side with some custom Windows programs (including Motorola RSS for a Quantar) and a copy of our RCP software (RCP is running in a Win7 window and Quantar in an XP one).

I may never go back to single OS computing again!

If anyone is interested, email me! And thanks to Steve, N4IRS for the 64 bit version of the ASL beta

Ken, AH6LE

If anyone is interested, I did a write up on how to set things up.